Vector Linux Resolution

Lesson 2 / Lesson 4

Changing The Resolution Graphically

Change the Vector Linux resoltuion by selecting the Menu --- Settings --- Display Settings

Vector Display Settings

Once on the Display Preferences window you can pick from the available resolution options on the left and fine tune the gamma sliders on the right.

Vector Display Preferences


Changing The Resolution From The Terminal

This is something many newbies ask how to do because sometimes the resolution options aren't accessible because of problems with the resolution. If you can't even get to the menu or the terminal then type Ctrl+Alt+F5. This should bring you to the command line where you can login.


Now log into to your root account by typing su root. Then type nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf and press enter.



This opens the xorg.conf file. Locate the following part of the file and remove or add larger or smaller resolutions depending on the problems you're experiencing. In this case someone may be unable to see the entire screen because they have an older computer only capable of 800x600. Removing the 1024x768  on each line including the " will result in the system using the next option as its default.

change xorg

Press Ctrl+x to quit nano. Press y to save


Press enter to overwrite xorg.conf. If you see a premissions error after doing this make sure you're logged in as root.

confirm name

Restart X by typing: sudop pkill x

restart X


Now you should see the Vector Linux splash screen and upon restrart you'll see the, in this case, 800x600 resolution you've been looking for.