Linux Commands
  • Shells   ( 54 Articles )
    Shells commands are programs that work with the operating system as a command processor, used to enter commands and initiate their execution.
  • Administrative Commands   ( 78 Articles )
    Administrative Commands are included in this section providing a place for administrators to reference over 75 admin commands all in one place.
  • Managing Backups   ( 8 Articles )
    Keeping systems backed up and backed up often is very important as data loss can be a killer. These Linux commands guide users in the right direction for establishing and managing effective backups.
  • Manage Users and Groups   ( 19 Articles )
    Managing users and groups on a Linux operating system can be a challenge, especially from the command line. Here we have included commands to help you solve your user and group management dilemmas.
  • Managing Rights   ( 3 Articles )
    Managing and restricting users rights is an important security practice that can be apply. We've listed some Linux commands to help manage users rights.
  • Managing Drivers and Formats   ( 8 Articles )
    Managing Linux drivers and driver formats is now that much easier with this selection of driver-related commands that can issued to the Linux operating system.
  • Troubleshooting   ( 5 Articles )
    Troubleshooting commands can be used when system issues arise and users are unable to use the GUI to fix them. Learning to use troubleshooting commands may save you time in the long run, even if you're a newbie.
  • Managing Files and Text   ( 37 Articles )
    This collection of Linux commands is designed to provide users with the ability to manage files and text from the terminal on the Linux operating system.
  • Movement in Directory System   ( 2 Articles )
    Here we have placed Linux commands that help users understand movement in the directory system. This helps users navigate the Linux operating system.
  • Basic Commands   ( 16 Articles )
    Basic commands can be issued by beginners or by users more comfortable with the terminal. If you're just starting out with the terminal this is the place to be. Once you issues some easy commands the process becomes much easier.
  • Network Commands   ( 11 Articles )
    Commands listed here effect the network setup on your Linux operating system.
  • Managing System and Program Info   ( 9 Articles )
    These Linux commands are to Manage your specific system and system program information.