Networking - Cisco

Using telnet to Access a Routers

Here is an actual example:

telnet Trying Connected to Escape character is ‘^]’.


At this point the Main Menu is visible and all aspects of the router may be configured. Here is an example of the Main Menu.

Copyright (c) 1994 - 2002 ZyXEL Communications Corp.
                            Prestige 643 Main Menu
   Getting Started                      Advanced Management
1. General Setup 21. Filter Set Configuration
3. Ethernet Setup 22. SNMP Configuration
4. Internet Access Setup 23. System Password
24. System Maintenance
25. IP Routing Policy Setup
Advanced Applications 26. Schedule Setup
11. Remote Node Setup
12. Static Routing Setup
15. SUA Server Setup 99. Exit

Building a Host Table

You must configure a host table on each network. The ip host command is used to build a host table. The show host command allows you to view the host table.

Router>enable Router#config t Router(config)#ip host RouterHome

To remove the host table:

Router>enable Router#config t Router(config)#no ip host RouterHome


When you have a lot of routers you may not want to create a host table for each router you can implement a DNS server.

The ip domain-lookup command enables DNS resolution and no ip domain-lookup disables it.

Enter the commands on the router prompt.

RouterHome(config)#ip domain-lookup RouterHome(config)#ip name-server RouterHome(config)#ip domain-name happy.com RouterHome(config)#CTRL+Z