Networking - Local Area Network

 LAN or Local Area Network. LAN’s are usually connected using hub and switches. Switches break up the collision domain, which increases bandwidth and speed. Most network administrators use switches. There are several LAN switch types.


LAN networking

Cut-through (FastForward): This real time switching method reads only the destination address, it then looks up the hardware destination and the MAC switching table, with all these variables in play it decides which outgoing interface to send it out through.

FragmentFree(Modified Cut-Through): FragmentFree is similar to cut-through switching, but instead of forwarding the packet immediately it waits for the collision window to pass through first. Most errors occur in this first 64 bytes. This LAN switching type is not as fast as cut-through but has a much better chance of catching any errors.

Store and Forward: Cisco uses this LAN switching type as it’s primary method. This error free transport system copies the entire frame before forwarding the frame forward. Of course the problem with this system is that it takes longer.