CD Player
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CD Player

This provides a simple to use interface. The volume is on the right hand side and slides up for higher volume. All of the normal play, stop, fast forward, etc. are in place with buttons. Right click the window to get these options. The eject button is an option from the interface as well.

The title and length of time are listed. Here the CD Player is playing. It will list the time left in the window and the Artist and Album.

Choose preferences to change themes or Player Behavior of the program. One factor that is automatically detected is the /dev/cdrom. This may be different on various Linux distributions for example it may be /dev/cdrecorder or /dev/dvd/recorder depending upon the player that is being used.


In order to get CD Player to work like to fit specific needs the user may want to edit Preferences / CD Properties in the main menu.

The track editor, the left button on the interface, allows the user to edit the track they want to listen to.