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The Mozilla Firefox project began when Firefox 1.0 was created by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross as an experimental branch of the Mozilla project. Firefox 1.0 was released on November 9, 2004. Although the original version included popup blocking, tabbed browsing, download management, a themed interface, master password, and more great features, Firefox has come a long way with its new release, Firefox 3.0. The new release is the closing of three years of efforts from thousands of developers, security experts, support communities, and testers from around the world.


A big effort to enhance Firefox bookmarking comes along with Firefox 3.0. It's not just easier to bookmark pages but also to quickly navigate back to them and access the sites that you love. now all you have to do if you'd like to bookmark the current site is click on the small star icon on the right side of the location bar.

firefox bookmarking

After clicking on the star icon to the right you will see a window that states "Page Bookmarked". In this window you can specify your bookmarks name, folder, and tags associated with this page.

page bookmarked in Firefox 3

After bookmarking pages users can then add tags to each bookmark. This way you can label pages with multiple names or categories that actually mean something to you. With no limit to the number of tags that you can add the power of this feature is that you may not remember the name of your bookmarked site but probably remember the tags of keywords associated with that topic. You can then place these bookmarks into the bookmarking folders and even use the smart bookmarking features of Firefox 3.0 which show sites you frequently visit and more.


Security of Firefox 3.0 is obviously a priority with the goings-on of web surfing today. Firefox 3.0 offers a feature that allows you to check carefully sites you are about to make a purchase on or just want to know more about. One click on the favorite icon of the site and you can see general security information about the site. firefox 3.0 also offers anti Malware features that block viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware. A full screen message is shown when visiting a suspected site. firefox 3.0 is also compatible with Windows Vista parental controls.


Now you can find and install add-ons directly from your Firefox 3.0 web browser by using the new and improved add-ons manager. With over 5,00 add-ons waiting for you to use, your sure to find a few that can increase your productivity. Another features of Firefox 3.0 is the ability to have themes and personas (lightweight skins) added with ease. Beyond the scope of add-ons and themes you can customize your Firefox 3.0 setup by adding new search engines, change toolbar preferences, display different sizes, shapes and styles for your browser’s navigation buttons and more.


One of the most productive features I've found in my line of work is the option to add a feed reader to the Firefox 3.0 web browser. This can be done by online web service, a client side feed reader or by creating a Firefox Live Bookmark where you can view news articles in the bookmarks portion of your browser.

These are just a few of the ground-breaking features offered by Firefox 3.0 on the Fedora 9 desktop.

To discuss these options or for help setting up firefox 3.0 visit the forum.

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