Desktop Apps Training - Dia

This is a Mini-Course that focuses on the basics of diagramming in Linux with the Dia application. This is a Free course that is available to anyone.                                                                              
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Course Design
The Diagramming In Linux course is a 10 page briefing on how to get started with the Dia application in Linux. The course was created for Ubuntu users but also includes a Windows installation tutorial as Dia is available for both operating systems. In addition to the Dia installation this course will outline how to find important tools in the Dia interface, using Dia's tools, and more. Diagramming timelapse movie included!

Course Difficulty
The course level is NEWBIE-FRIENDLY so anyone using the graphical interface on the desktop will find the information useful. Dia is covered in smaller, easy-to-follow sections with screenshots and specific instructions.

Course Support
The course author, among others, will be available for questions in the Forum.

The quizzes are there to help you focus on the important features of Dia.  Caution: You will only be able to take a quiz one time and that score will be recorded.  So before you take the quiz be sure you understand all of the features that you will be tested on.  Click Here to take a Demo Test so that you can see how the questions will be formatted.

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This 10 page Linux Diagramming course will show in detail how to install, use, and customize the Dia diagramming tool for on Ubuntu desktop. Users will finish the course with a full understanding how how to create a basic flowchart using the Dia application along with many features, tools, and options the application offers.

Dia flowchart and diagram application

Dia is a graphical based program. It is designed not just for drawing, but also commonly used for diagramming. Dia's object based tools allow users to diagram anything from networks to electrical currents. This graphical program also allows for fast and easy use for the user because of the easy to understand tools that Dia offers. In addition, many shapes and objects can be use.

Dia began as a part of the Gnome projects office suite of applications and was originally created by Alexander Larsson. The success of Dia comes from a solid application that serves a need, diagramming. Dia also uses a controlled single document interface similar to the Gimp Image Editor and other popular graphic applications. Dia can be used with many different shape packages each containing different shapes and symbols which can be used together to create a diagram or other project. Dia is flexible enough to create many different types of diagrams and projects but has special objects to help draw entity relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, and more. Dia users can also add support for new shapes by writing a simple XML file and using a subset of SVG graphics to draw the shape.
The Dia diagramming application can export files in a few different formats. Formats include EPS, SVG, DXF, CGM, WMF, PNG, JPEG, and VDX.Dia is alsocapable of printing docuemnts including large documents that span multiple pages.
If you need some inspiration or direction when getting started creating charts and diagrams with Dia, check out the examples section of the Dia application's homepage. Visuallizing the entire project can take some getting used to but if there's an application that can help it's Dia.