Preferred Fedora Applications
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The Fedora desktop includes applications to help you do whatever you want while working with this Linux desktop. It offers cutting edge applications for web browsing, reading e-mail, playing music  and movies, accessing the terminal and so much more. Upon opening a file you may have noticed that the same application tends to handle that type of file every time you open it. This is no accident and Fedora  offers the chance to set these options your self. So if you like using Totem to play your music files you can request that Fedora not use Rhythmebox music player but Totem to open these files. This allows you to customize your Fedora  system that much more giving you more control of how the system reacts to the opening of all kinds of file formats.


To change what applications open specific files select System --- Preferences --- Personal --- Preferred Applications in the Gnome 2.22 main menu 

preferred apps in gnome 2.22 menu

After you've opened the Preferred Applications window from the main menu you should see four different tabs, each with its own options or applications. The tabs shown are Internet, Multimedia, System and Accessibility. With the Internet tab selected we can see two sections. Under the Web Browser section we can specify which web browser is the default and if the browser opens a links by default, opens links in new window, or in a new tab. We can also set a command that will open the web browser. Firefox is the default option. The next section in Mail Reader which allows us to choose what application to use for reading mail. The default is Evolution Mail Reader however you may select Mutt from the drop down box. You may also set a command for this application.

internet applications

The next tab, Multimedia, offers a chance to specify what application to use when playing multimedia files. You may choose Rhythmebox Music Player or Totem. 

multimedia applications

The third tab gives users the ability to change the default Terminal Emulator. 

system applications

The Accessibility tab allows users to take advantage of Visual and Mobility accessibility options and is great for people with handicaps. Commands can also be used to access these applications. 

accessibility options