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After starting OpenSuse you should begin to notice the little things that set it our from other distributions. OpenSuse offers a fare amount of visual flare while keeping the snappy, quick loading feel. You can change the desktop environment to your desired specifications by modifying the menu, background, theme, screensaver and more. 


To change the background of the OpenSuse system simply right click and select Change Background.

change background in OpenSuse Gnome menu

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In the Appearance Preferences window we can see thumbnail images of the available backgrounds. We can Add or Remove thumbnails from this collection. also we can specify display style and color options in this window. After selecting a thumbnail and/or making changes to the background the changes will be automatically applied to the background. When you are finished making changes select close.

Appearance Preferences Background Tab


To change the theme select the computer icon in the bottom left side of the desktop. This brings up the main menu. Next select Control Panel from the System list on the right side of the menu.

selecting the control panel from the opensuse gnome menu

With the Control Center window open select appearance under the Look and Feel section. You may also use the filter in the top left corner.

selecting appearance from opensuse gnome menu

Under the Appearance Preferences Theme tab we see thumbnails that represent each theme. Clicking on a theme thumbnail will display the theme on your desktop. Below the display window you may choose to delete themes, customize themes, save customized themes, and install new themes. By clicking on the Customize button you can change specific parts of your theme such as the controls, colors, window borders, icons, and pointers.When you're finished changing your theme or theme options click Close.

Appearance Preferences Theme Tab

If you are interested theme options for Linux distributions head over to the forum where you can post, vote and share your favorite themes.

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