OpenSuse Nautilus File Manager
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The Nautilus file manager on the OpenSuse desktop allows you to do more than just organize and open files.The Nautilus file manager allows users to create folders and documents, display your files and folders, search files, run scripts, launch applications, write files to CD/DVD, install and remove fonts and more.

After opening the Nautilus file browser we see the main menu across the top which includes File, Edit, View, Go, Bookmarks, and Help. The File buttons provides file specific commands and options like Connect to Server, file Properties, Open in Terminal and more. Edit contains file modification options and also allows us to edit our preferences. Nautilus file manager contains many different viewing options under the View option on the main menu, you may turn off specific parts like toolbars and panes, zoom in and out, reload the page and change files to list view or icon view. The go button allows us to quickly "go" to many places on our system. This is similar to the Places option on the main OpenSuse Gnome menu but more specific. Bookmarks allows us to add and delete bookmarks to specific locations we come across in the Nautilus file manager, much like using bookmarks in a web browser.

Below the main menu a toolbar appears containing colorful icons for navigation, reloading, go to the home folder, computer, or search for files. You may toggle between button and text-based location bar, just click on the icon to the left that has a document and pencil.

On the left side of the file browser we can see Places listed, if we click on the places the large window on the right will display the contents.


opensuse 10.3 nautilus file manager

On the OpenSuse desktop every user created has a Home folder. This Home folder which is created automatically when a new user is created, contains user-specific files and folders. Also take note that the Desktop is an area that contains removable media shortcuts, and also shortcuts to commonly used application.

To look at more places with the Nautilus file browser on the OpenSuse  main menu select Computer --- Places --- More Places in the bottom right corner.

opesuse 10.3 places on gnome menu