Install Software on Mandriva
Desktop Training - Mandriva

It's never been easier to install new programs and application to your Linux desktop than with Mandriva 2008 Spring. First make sure you internet connection is working and select the menu button in the bottom left of the screen. Click on Install and Remove Software.

mandriva 2008 spring kde menu

You may need to enter the root password into the pop up window. Press Ok

become root

Wait for a minute or two as Mandriva initializes and finds installed packages.

please wait

This brings up the Software management window which is made up of a small menu at the top, package categories on the left and selected categories contents and description in the windows on the right. A search filed also appears in the top right side of the window. To install a package click on one that you like, read the description and when you're ready click on the check box next to the package name. I checked the box next to ktoon, which is a 2D Animation application I wanted to try. This window also shows us version, release date, and status of the package. Click Apply in the bottom right corner of the window.

software management window

Click Yes to confirm the changes you want to make.


wait for the confirmation window and check in the menu to make sure your application has been installed.

You can see in my Mandriva 2008 Spring Kde menu that Ktoons has been installed.


Removing software is even easier. If you get into the software manager and an application is already checked this means you've already got it on your computer. Also under the status column you will see it has already been downloaded. Un-check the box and click Apply. Confirm your changes and that's it you've removed the same package you installed.