OpenSuse Burn CD/DVD
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The easiest way to burn files, music, and more onto a CD or DVD in OpenSuse is to use the CD/DVD Creator folder. This simple folder is an extremely powerful tool that allows users to drag and drop or copy and paste files into a folder to be easily burned to a Disc. To access this folder open the Nautilus file manager by clicking on the Computer button in the bottom left corner of the OpenSuse desktop.

selecting the CD/DVD folder from the menu

When the Nautilus file manager has loaded completely select Go from the top menu. Next click on CD/DVD creator. 

 The Go menu in OpenSuse 10.3 Nautilus file manager

As mentioned above you may drag and drop or copy and paste files into this folder that you want to burn to a disc. After you have placed your music, audio or other files you want to burn into this folder, click on the Write to disc button on the right side of the CD/DVD Create Folder title bar. If you have problems with the folder hierarchy to the left i recommend clicking the drop down and changing it to tree or another easy to navigate mode.

the cd/dvd creator in nautilus

With the Write to Disc window open we can set a few different settings. In the information section we can specify what type of file, and the discs name. The size of the contents is displayed next to "Data size". Be careful not to exceed the size of the media you are writing to. The CD I'm using has a maximum of 700 MB. The Write option allow the user to set the writing speed by clicking on the drop down box. When your finished selecting the options click on the Write button.

Write to disc options

You may also click on the Help button on the bottom left to get help with this window or Cancel to stop.