FTP Course: Introduction
Server Training - FTP Server

This is a Mini-Course on the setup and use of a secure FTP sever.  This is a Free course that is available to anyone.

Lesson 1

Course Design
The Course is designed to take you step by step through the setup of a FTP Server on CentOS.   Much of the Free content on the Internet is disjointed and hard to follow in a logical pattern so we have decided to start building Min-Courses that focus on logical development and design to help take a student from the beginning to the end. 

Course Difficulty
The course level is Basic Server Administration so anyone with basic network and server skills will be able to take the course.

Course Support
The course author, among others, will be available for questions in the forum.  CLICK HERE

The quizzes are there to help you focus on the main features of the firewall.  Caution: You will only be able to take a quiz one time and that score will be recorded.  So before you take the quiz be sure you understand all of the features that you will be tested on.  Click Here to take a Demo Test so that you can see how the questions will be formated.


Course Outline

Lesson 1 - Security Issues

Lesson 2 - Basic Set Up

Lesson 3 - Basic Configuration

Lesson 4 - chroot Local User

Lesson 5 - Create Login Message

Lesson 6 - iptables Issues

Lesson 7 - SELinux

Lesson 8 - Secure FTP

Lesson 9: lftp Client

Lesson 10: gFTP Client

Lesson 11: Text Commands


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