Customizing Vector

Lesson 3 / Lesson 5

Changing The Background

To change the background and other Vector Linux appearance options select the Menu --- Settings --- LXDE Appearance.

Vector Linux LXDE Appearance


This brings up the Desktop Preferences window. Click on the file icon and select one of the many Vector wallpaper options or choose one you've created or downloaded. Below this you can choose image style and brightness.

Vector Linux Desktop Preferences


Change The User Login Photo

To change the user photo you see on the left side of the login window  click on Menu --- Settings --- Login Photo.

Vector Linux Login Photo

Now click on the large User Image button.

Vector Login Photo User Image

Select the iamge you want to use. You can also navigate to an image you created or downloaded.

Vector Linux Selecting The User Image

Here's the final result as I changed the user andrew to include the penguin image.

Vector New User Login Image


Changing The Interface

Change the XFCE interface by clikcing on Menu --- User Interface Settings

Vector Linux: Change The Interface

This should bring up the User Interface Settings where you can change the theme, icon theme, font, toolbar style, and font rendering options.

Vector Linux User Interface Preferences

Changing The Menu Items

Change the way the menu is layed out by selecting Menu --- Settings --- Menu Editor.

Vector Linux Menu Editor

This brings up a window where we can add new, remove, or hide menu entries.

Vector Linux Menu Editor


Changing The Panel

To change the way the panel looks and behaves, select Menu --- Settings --- Panel Manager

Vector Menu Panel Settings

With the panel manager window open go ahead and change the panel, its appearance, and position options.

Vector Panel Manager


Changing The Splash Screen

Setting up the Splash screen settings can be done by selecting Menu --- Settings --- Splash Screen Settings.

Vector Menu Splash Settings

With the Splash Screen Settings window open you can pick a splash screen to use from the list on the left and preview the splash screen on the right. Clicking the configure button pops up a window to change font, background color, text color, and use a custom image.

Vector Linux Splash