LDAP Logging
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Configure Logging
You certainly want to look at the logging aspect as it is essential for troubleshooting.  I hate to say it but you will have problems and this will make it easier.

Lesson 3 / Lesson 5

The logging options should be placed in the slapd.conf file.  The directive for logging is represented by a number representing the type of  information that should be saved.  Here are the options:

-1    all
0    no logging
1    trace function calls
2    packet-handling debugging
4    heavy trace debuggin
8    connection management
16    packets sent and received
32    search filter processing
64    configuration file processing
256    statistics of connections
512    print entry debugging

If you wanted to log each of these you add them together and you get an integer that you place after the directive.

loglevel    296

Edit /etc/syslog.conf
Add these lines for logging and restart syslog.
# LDAP Logging
local4.debug                                            /var/log/slapd.log

# service syslog reload


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