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Transmission has been created with a few important things in mind. Transmission has been created from scratch to be lightweight, yet powerful BitTorrent client. Its simple, intuitive interface is designed to integrate easily with whatever computing environment you decide to use. I'm aware of five different operating systems that Transmission can run on at the time of this writing. Transmission allows for network configuration, the banning of peers who send corrupted data, protocol encryption, and a built in Peer Exchange. The efficiency of Transmission is obvious after using it to ration my precious bandwidth. I can now queue torrents for maximum performance and increase individual torrent speed during my ISP peak hours. I also appreciate the support for Growl notifications and dock badging that keep me updated on what's going on with my downloads while I'm off doing something else on my computer.

One feature that has been added to the Fedora Linux distribution release is the Transmission bit torrent application as the default bit torrent program. Version 1.22 of Transmission was just release on 06/14/08 and if you don't have transmission 1.22 yet, download it here. Fedora 9 comes with Transmision 1.11 but version 1.22 has many improvement and bug fixes that are evident after using the new version of Transmission on my Fedora 9 desktop. First of all performance seemed better and transmission now builds correctly on Sun Studio. Also minor man page fixes have been included in this release. Transmission version 1.22 includes Latvian, Malayalam, Serbian, and Telugu translations and updates to Czech, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Danish, German, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Finnish, and (simplified) Chinese translations. So now more of the world can enjoy the advantages that Transmission can offer.

Accessing the Transmission bit torrent program is easy on the Fedora Sulphur desktop. Simply click on Applications in the Gnome  main menu, then select Internet --- Transmission BitTorrent Client.

find transmission on the gnome 2.22 main menu

After Transmission loads you should see the simple yet effective interface which includes a menu across the top with links to Torrent --- Edit --- View --- and Help. Below the main menu are some larger commonly used icons that allow you to Open, Start, Pause, Remove and view the details of the selected file. The lower half of the interface displays the current downloads and can be sorted using the buttons above the display area by Active, Downloading, Seeding, or Paused files.

transmission interface

If you click on Edit on the main menu and then Preferences, you may make many different changes to Transmission by selecting one of the three available tabs/categories.  Here you can changes Torrent, Peer or Network preferences.

transmission preferences

Transmission is a simple yet very useful application that offers many types of customization making it todays premier bit torrent application.