Manage Users On Fedora
Desktop Training - Fedora

 Whether you have a full classroom of students using Fedora  or just a few users on a home computer, managing users is a must for both security and organizational reasons. To open the user manager click on the gnome 2.22 main menu. System --- Administration --- Users and Groups. Once the User Manager window appears you'll notice a very small main menu across the top of the window that gives us File --- Edit --- and Help. Beneath the small main menu are a few icons that allow us to easily add users, add groups, view the properties of the selected user, delete the selected user, refresh the display area or get help. The user manager also allows us to barrow the users or groups being displayed by typing in the Search filter field. the display area has two tabs Users and Groups. With Users selected we can see user name, ID, primary group, full name, login shell, and home directory.

 user manager in fedora 9

by clicking the Add User button icon at the top of the window we will see this window where we need to specify  user name, full name, password, login shell used, home directory, user and group ID. when you're finished and wish to create the user click on the  OK button at the bottom of the Create New User window. A new user (Betty Smith) will be added to the list of users.

create a new user

If we have an existing user that we want to edit the properties of just click on the Properties icon across the top. This brings up the User Properties window where we can change any of the existing information for that user. The properties are broken into four tabs. The first tab (User Data) has general information provided when creating this user.  

user properties

the second tab (Account Info) allows us to set an account expiration date or lock the local password.

user properties

Password Info lets us enable password expiration.

password info

the Groups tab allows us to check the corresponding boxes to add our user to each remove the user from an existing group uncheck the box next to the groups name.