Gnome on Fedora
Desktop Training - Fedora

The Fedora Linux desktop uses the latest version of Gnome, Gnome  which is full of enhancements. Also this release includes hundreds of bug fixes and user-requested improvements. Gnome  is a popular, multi-platform desktop environment with ease of use and stability high on the priority list. One addition I noticed while using Gnome on my Fedora  Linux desktop was the new Nautilus that uses GVFS as its backend. GVFS allows you to fix Nautilus problems like restoring files from trash, pause and undo file operations, and it works with Policy Kit to escalate user privileges. In addition to all of this it also brings an always welcome performance boost to many applications. I've experienced these features before but that was with the new Ubuntu Hardy Heron which was released on April 24th, 2008. I can see why Fedora opted to use Gnome as the new enhancements really add to the existing Gnome features that have set the standard for ease-of-use.

Time For An Upgrade

The world clock applet was also a nice feature to the Ubuntu desktop. The time and weather can be displayed in multiple locations and are easily configured in detail. You may even create multiple profiles for different locations.

world clock applet


How Cheesy

Cheese is a new program for the Gnome desktop which allows you to take photos, videos,and more using your webcam. After taking photos or video with Cheese you can add cheesy effects to the image you've just created. Below is a look at a few effects that you can choose from.

cheese effects using gnome 2.22

After you're finished taking pictures and modifying them with the available effects, now you can send them to your friends with ease. Share photos with family members by exporting to F-spot or put them on Flickr. You can also save your creation to your hard drive the traditional way.

Evolution has been improved with Google calendars and custom message labels and now you can even add your Evolution contacts to the Deskbar in Gnome 2.22

The Gnome movie player now offers better DVD playback  support for and support for digital television. Also appearing in Gnome are new plugins which include support for MythTV, Youtube, and Tracker searching.

Gnome also offers the capability to preview and play Flash content and video using the free and open Flash decoder swfdec. If you want to add this codec to the Mozilla Firefox browser type

yum install mozilla-swfdec

A release every six months makes watching Gnome develop very exciting. The next release Gnome is already in process and will hopefully offer many more improvements including a new version of the Ekiga VoIP client, Empathy instant messaging, column and list views in file manager, and so much more. To view the Gnome roadmap click here

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