Groups In Mandriva
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You may create multiple user accounts for convenience, security, or personal reasons. Accompanying these users with groups will, amongst other things, help keep you organized and productive.

 To add a group to your Mandriva One desktop, select the menu button --- Tools --- System Tools --- Configure Your Computer.

configure computer in the Mandriva 2008 KDE menu

This brings up the Mandriva Linux Control Center. Select the System category button halfway down the left side of the window  and you'll notice the icons and options to the right change to display Localization and Administration Tools. Under Administration tools select Manage users on system. 

mandriva 2008 spring kde control center

This brings us to the Users and groups window. First we see a menu across the top and icons across the toolbar. Here we can select Add User, Add Group, Edit, Delete, and Refresh. To the right is a filter to help us limit the users being displayed based on the text entered in the search field. The window below has two tabs Users and Groups. Options such as Edit on the toolbar apply to both users and groups if they are selected here. Click on the Add Group button in the toolbar, enter the name of your group (in my case"bradykids") into the pop-up window and press okay.

users and groups add group

 Now click on the Groups tab so we can see our list of groups. This brings up a group for each user created and at the bottom we can see "bradykids". One problem is that there is not any group members as you can see in the image below. This is easily fixed by selecting the group and pressing the edit button on the toolbar.


users and groups in mandriva 2008 spring edition

This brings up the Edit Groups/Users window. Make sure the Group Users tab is selected and click on the check boxes next to the usernames of the people you want to add to this group. I have selected bbraddy, cibrady, and mbrady, and gbrady. These represent the kids in this family. Click on the Ok button and we've successfully added users to our group  "bradykids"

 edit groups window in mandriva 2008 spring edition