OpenSuse Preferred Applications
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 Setting your preferred applications is ideal because that way you know after opening a specific type of file that it will open in you preferred application. So if you use a specific application to listen to your music, when you click on a music  file it won't come up in the default player, the music file will play in your favorite application that you like to listen to music with.

To set these preferences you can click on the Computer button in the bottom left corner of your OpenSuse desktop.Next click on the Control Center option on the right side of the menu.

 opening the control center in OpenSuse 10.3

After the Control Center window loads click on Preferred Applications which resides in the System group. You may also use the filter in the top right side of the Control Center window.

selecting preferred applications in the OpenSuse control panel

With the Preferred Applications window open we can see five different tab, Internet, Multimedia, System, and Accessibility. The first tab, Internet, lets us pick which web browser we want to use and how we want to open links in the web browser. The default web browser is set to Firefox. The next section is the Mail Reader program we want to use Evolution Email is selected by default.

preferred applications window with internet applciations displayed

Click on the Multimedia tab and you can select what type of applications you want to use while playing multimedia files in OpenSuse by default we can select the Banshee Music Player and the Totem Movie Player.

OpenSuse 10.3 preferred applications with Multimedia tab selected

on the System tab we can click the drop down box and choose a different Terminal Emulator. Here we can choose Standard XTerminal or the default GNOME Terminal. 

Opensuse Preferred Applications with System tab selected

The last tab that we can choose from in the Preferred applications window is the Accessibility tab, here we can set visual aids like Orca or the Magnifying Screen Reader. You may also make custom mobility aids in the Mobility section. Click the Close button when you're finished. 

OpenSuse 10.3 preferred applications with accesibility tab selected