The Look and Feel of Fedora
Desktop Training - Fedora

The Fedora Linux distribution has always struck me as cutting edge technology but it also has some very unique and great looking interfaces. Fedora offers a one of a kind background, theme, and other appearance changing options. I downloaded fedora Sulphur and booted it up in the new Gnome  desktop environment. the first thing I noticed after completing a short setup was the login screen and background. The background is a great blue wave/sunray combination and the login screen looked pretty typical with the Fedora logo and user i created appearing inside the grey login box.

fedora 9 login window

After clicking on my user name and entering my password i was quickly brought to the Gnome 2.22 desktop where the beautiful wave background appeared. This background color or shade depends on the time of day displayed on your Gnome 2.22 world clock. The background tends to change to a darker shade later in the day and the fades to a lighter color in the early morning hours. to change the background to one of your own or another preset background click on the Gnome 2.22 main menu. System --- Look and Feel --- Appearance.

appearance in the gnome 2.22 menu

Select the Background tab in the Appearance preferences window. This brings up multiple thumbnail images of backgrounds that you can use and also offers different styles and colors to choose from. to select another background or wallpaper simply click on the corresponding thumbnail. Click on the Add or Remove button to either add your own background saved on your hard drive, or remove one of the wallpapers displayed.

backgrounds in fedora 9

The custom Fedora 9 theme can be customized even further by clicking on the theme tab in the appearance preferences window and the picking customize at the bottom of the display window. If you customize a theme and want to save it click on the Save As button at the bottom of the display window. Many other common themes are also displayed in this window and you can test them out by clicking on the thumbnails. If you've downloaded a theme you would like to use simply click on the install button beneath the display window.

themes in fedora 9

Another thing you can change to give your fedora desktop a custom look is the fonts being used in certain situations. Click on the Fonts tab inside the Appearance preferences window and you will see a list of font instances. You can change the way the font is displayed and the way it looks for applications, documents, the desktop, window title, and fixed width font displays. You may also specify the way your font is rendered under this tab.

fonts in fedora 9

Selecting the interface tab allows the customization of our user interface. Here we can change the way icons and shortcuts are displayed and then view a preview of the changes in the lower half of the window.

fedora 9 interface options