Firewall: Quiz
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 The Firewall quiz  relates to the Firewall Course.

When you have completed study of this page you may take the quiz.  The quiz is 10 questions and you will only be able to take it one time.  So review the course and the information as you want to do your best on the one chance you have.  If you want to take a Demo Test of five questions CLICK HERE. 

 The quiz can be when you CLICK HERE.



Outline of the Course
Lesson 1 - Course Outline

Lesson 2 - Using the Wizard

Lesson 3 - Understanding A Basic Firewall

Lesson 4 - Firewall Interface

Lesson 5 - Trusted Services

Lesson 6 - Other Ports

Lesson 7 - Trusted Interfaces

Lesson 8 - Masquerading

Lesson 9 - Port Forwarding

Lesson 10 - ICMP Filter

Lesson 11 - Custom Rules