OpenSuse Keyboard Options
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 To set your keyboard preferences click on the Computer button in the bottom left corner, on your OpenSuse 10.3 desktop. Next select Control Panel on the right side of the menu.

Accessing the Control Panel in OpenSuse 10.3

The control center has multiple groups or categories. Select the Hardware group and the Keyboard item from the display window on the right.  

Opensuse 10.3 YaSt control center keyboard selected

When the keyboard preferences window comes up you may see that you have access to four different tabs filled with options. The tabs are Keyboard, Layouts, Layout Options, and Typing Break. The Keyboard tab includes options for Repeat Keys. Here you can specify if keys repeat while the key is being held down and also the delay and speed can be specified using the corresponding sliders. Under Cursor Blinking, you may have your cursor blink in text boxes while you're typing, and you may set the speed of the blink. Type in the test box below the options to make sure the settings you've selected are satisfactory.

keyboard preferences in Opensuse 10.3

The Layouts tab allows you to change the keyboard model by selecting the choose button to the right. Also you may select a layout from the lsit in the display window. currently English is being displayed. Click the buttons in the default column to make this language the system default. At the bottom you can choose to separate the layout for each window or add and remove layouts. If you mess things up it's okay, you can always press Reset to Defaults on the bottom right side of the window.

opensuse 10.3 keyboard layouts

The Layout options tab allows the user to set specific keyboard behavior like adding EuroSign after specific keys, Caps-Lock behavior, Ctrl Key Position, Layout switching options,  and many more options.

opensuse 10.3 keyboard layout options

Clicking on the Typing Break tab brings us options like Lock screen to enforce typing breaks, after this is set you may select how long work interval lasts, and break intervals last, this is specified in minutes. Also you can check the bottom box to allow break postponement.

openoffice 10.3 typing break

 Even more keyboard options are available under Accessibility. Click close when you're finished.