OpenSuse Gnome Menu
Desktop Training - OpenSuse

After a few minutes of looking around, I found the OpenSuse Gnome menu to be pleasantly designed with easy access to commonly used areas of the system. The Computer button appears in the bottom left corner of the desktop on the toolbar. After clicking on the computer button we see a large menu appear that looks like the image below.

You should notice right away at the top of the menu a search bar appears. Type text into this search area and select the enter key on your keyboard to quickly locate things on your desktop. Below the search bar three buttons or tabs appear. The buttons are Applications, Documents, and Places. Applications brings up our favorite applications displayed below, by default these applications include Firefox, Banshee, F-Spot, Evolution, OpenOffice Writer, and Nautilus file browser. Also below our favorites we can see recently accessed applications. Click on the more applications button to see the entire list.

Also to the right side of the menu we have quick access to our System menu which includes Help, Control Center, Install Software, Lock Screen, Logout and Shutdown. Also check the hard drive status and the network that is connected in the bottom right corner of the menu.

  opnsuse 10.3 gnome menu, applications tab selected

If we click on the Documents button we can view our favorite documents and documents that we have recently viewed. Click on the More Documents button to see the entire list of documents you may open from the file browser window. 

OpenSuse 10.3 Gnome menu, documents tab selected

Places is the third button in the menu and it provides shortcuts to some different places on your system that you may visit often.  By default the favorite places are set to the Home folder, Network Servers, the File System, Documents folder, and Desktop. To access more Places on your system click on the More Places button at the bottom right.

opensuse 10.3 Gnome Menu, places tab selected