Mandriva Configure Network
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Whether you have installed Mandriva on your hard drive or if you've used a virtual machine such as VMPlayer, the internet connection may not be configure correctly be default. This means that not only can you not access email, or use your web browser, but more importantly your starving your Mandriva system of important updates that will enhance and secure your Mandriva system. So this may be one of the first things you will do upon setting up a new Mandriva installation.

Looking down at the bottom of the Mandriva desktop toolbar, you should see a small plug icon. If the icon is shown with a red X displayed over it this indicated the network is down.

network connection icon, disconnected

Right click on the network icon and select Configure Network.


configure network

Next we see the Network & Internet Configuration window. On the first screen, shown below, we can choose what type of connection we want to create. I selected Ethernet. Click Next.

network configuration

On the next screen we can specify which network interface you would like to configure. In my setup on one option is given. Click Next

netowrk interface to configure

Here we can pick our connection protocol. The option include Automatic IP (BOOTP/DHCP) or Manual Configuration. I selected Automatic and clicked next.

connection protocol

Now we can set IP settings. I chose Get DNS servers from DHCP and clicked Next.

ip settings

Now we can restrict control over our connection by allowing or disallowing users to manage the connection. We can also toggle starting the connection during startup.

connection control

Now we just need to confirm we would like to start the connection now.

Start Connection

Now we see a confirmation that the network configuration has been finished. click Finish.

finished with setup

We should now notice this message showing details of our recently configured network connection. Here we can see what interface is being used, IP address, and Gateway address.

network connected

Also notice that the icon has changed and now shows a green check mark indicating our network is working.

icon on toolbar