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Setting up your printer on the OpenSuse desktop if a relatively easy task. After plugging in my Epson Stylus 960, OpenSuse  automatically asked for my root password and brought me to this printer installation window. Step one of two is the printers connection configuration here you can choose to setup a Local Printer or a Network Printer. If you choose a network printer you must locate the type by selecting the drop down box next to this option. The next area allows us to use a detected printer, in my case the system has already detected my Epson Stylus 960 printer and ahs lsited it for selection. Below this area we see an option to use another printer by specifying its port. This is done by clicking on the drop down box. 

 opensuse printer connection setup

After clicking the Forward button at the bottom of the window you will see step two of two, which is printer driver configuration. Here we see a description of our printer first, then manufacturer, which we may change, and finally the Model.At the bottom we can easily change the printers driver or install and new driver. When finished select the apply button.

opensuse printer driver setup

now we can see in the Printers window that a new printer has been created. 

opensuse 10.3 printer created

To change the preferences right  click on the printers icon and select properties

OpenSuse 10.3 printer properties

This gives us the Properties window for our Stylus Photo Series printer.  Here we have four tabs General, Paper, Advanced, Driver, and Connection. The General tab allows us to set description, location, resolution, and also shows us the status of the printer.

POpenSuse 10.3 printer properties window general tab

The paper Paper tab gives options for setting the papers size, type, source and also offers layout options to print on both sides of a peice of paper. Printing documents with the wrong paper type selected can cause significant quality reduction in your final product so make sure this is set to the type of paper in your printer. 

opensuse 10.3 printer properties window paper tab selected

Here in the Advanced tab is where the Page Region and Output Mode is established.  

opensuse 10.3 printer properties window advanced tab selected

The Driver tab allows configuration of the printers driver, my setting is currently set to the "suggested" driver.

opensuse 10.3 printer properties driver tab selected

Under Connection we can choose local, network, or detected printers as well as use the Print a Test Page button at the bottom of the window. 

opensuse 10.3 printer properties connection tab