Fedora Multiple Network Connections Video
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These days a computer isn't a computer if it doesn't have a network or Internet connection. Setting up your network connection on different distributions can be challenging depending on your setup. Connecting to wireless Internet and mobile broadband has been a problem that has plagued Linux users from the beginning. Fortunately, huge advances have been made in hardware compatibility and recognition. One of these advances I noticed while using the Fedora 10 desktop that was just released a week ago. Not only was I able to connect to my wired network easily but I also enabled my Sprint USB mobile broadband modem which was detected by Fedora 10 automatically. Users are allowed to enable wired, wireless, mobile broadband, VPN and DSL network connections and then switch back and forth right on the Fedora desktop panel.

 I created this short video that shows the steps to enabling multiple network connections including wired and mobile broadband network connections.



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