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It can be frustrating coming into a new Linux environment and not being able to locate small simple options your used to finding easily in your native OS. Things like changing the resolution and display options is usually something that needs to be done right away. this means that you have to do it immediately after installing your new OS without a chance to navigate through and familiarize yourself with the desktop. Most Linux distributions are similar especially if your used to both Gnome and KDE but to take the guesswork out of it lets review how to change that Mandriva 2008 desktop resolution.

Click on the menu button on the bottom left side of the screen. Keep in mind that if your resolution is drastically off you might not be able to see it right away or you may need to scroll down to see it etc. One the KdE menu is open select Tools -- System Tools --- KDE Control Center

  mandriva 2008 kde menu

This brings us the KDE Control Centr. Here we see a tree-like menu on the left side of the window which includes the categories of the different controls in the control panel. Select Peripherals -- Display and we can see the Display options broken into four folder on the right. With the Size and Orientation tab selected click on the Screen size drop down box. My resolution is currently 800x600 if i click this and select another resolution i must select apply at the bottom.

kde control center mandriva 2008

After selecting apply the screen should flicker and you should see the Confirm Display Setting Change window. Here you have about 15 seconds to decide if you want to keep the new resolution or return to your old one. I'm selecting "Return to Previous Configuration" and sticking with the 800x600. If you like the resolution click on Accept Configuration and you're done. You have successfully set your resolution to match your screen.

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