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Router RTA ad Packet Loss
If you wanted to monitor round trip average and packet loss you could use these settings.  This will use ping to send a warning if RTA is greater than 200ms or the packet loss is 20% or more.  It will also send a critical warning if the RTA is greater than 600 ms or the packet loss is greater than 60%.

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In reality these settings are too high for most networks.  The fact is if your network has 20% loss of packets you do not want a warning ... you want a new network.  It is more reasonable to change these settings to 10% warning and 20% critical as most networks need to run and do run very effectively.  If you made those changes it would look like this:


In addition, you will want to change the time of 600 ms to something more reasonable like 100.0 for a warnign and 200.0 for critical  These changes would look like this:


Now of course if these produce false alarms, then adjust to your needs.

define service{
use             generic-service
host_name       cisco2500
service_description     PING
check_command           check_ping!200.0,20%!600.0,60%
normal_check_interval   5
retry_check_interval    1


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