File Manager

The Nautilus file manager opens with a menu across the top, then a row of icons and large descriptive icons in the main window. On the left locations can be used to easy navigation.

ubuntu training course file manager window


Nautilus allows you to view, manage and manipulate files and folders from a window view in Ubuntu. The File option on the Menu Bar allows you to open a second Tab in the same window or open a separate window for viewing multiple directories at one time.  You have the option to create a Folder in the current directory you are viewing and then provide it with a name.  You can even create an empty file which you can then open and provide text.  Note this will be  a text file not an OpenOffice document if you create one.  This window also allows you to initiate a connection with a remote sever using samba,  NFS or FTP connections.  If you select the  “Empty Trash” you can clean that up as well.

ubuntu 9.04

The Edit option allows you the typical selections of Cut, Copy or Paste as well as selection options.

ubuntu training course file manager edit menu

If you select :Backgrounds and Emblems” you are able to transform the File Browser so the window will have a pleasant looking background to create an atmosphere that fits you as the user.  These options include patterns, colors and emblems.

ubuntu training course file manager backgrounds and emblems

The View option provides a way for you to turn on or off selections for Bars by checking or unchecking options. If you select “Show Hidden Files” you will be allowing those hidden system files to be viewed in the browser as well.  Arrange your items in the window by name, size, type, modification date, emblems or simply manually.  Use the zoom function for changing your view and finally, view by icon, list or compact.

ubuntu training course file manager view menu

The Go option is an easy way to move around your computer file system to access another location.

ubuntu training course file manager go menu

The Bookmarks option will help you set up locations that you often visit in the file system.  The way to use Bookmarks is to navigate to the file location that you use often and then click “Add Bookmark” and you will have a new option to click both in the Side Bar and the Bokmarks.

ubuntu training course file manager bookmarks menu

The Tabs option allows you to move around in the tabs that you created by adding File/New Tab/Location_you_want.

ubuntu training course file manager tabs menu

Help will take you online for additional documentation, to report a bug, or let you view information about Nautilus.

ubuntu training course file manager help menu


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