Logging Into Routers From Windows

In this example we will use a Windows machine. The program we use will be Hyperterminal Private Edition. This program is available on the Internet for download. Download it and install, then follow these steps to log onto you router. The router I am using for this example is a Cisco 2500.

 cisco 2500


1. You will need a console cable. The console cable that I am using has a female 9 pin serial that connects to com 2 in the back of the computer. It then connects to the router into the console port. I believe this is the easiest way to connect.

2. After you have plugged in the router to power using the power cord and have connected the the console cable, turn the router on, there should be a power button on the back of the router.

3. Next on the start menu find Hyperterminal and open the program by clicking on it.


Windows menu


 4. This screen or one similar should appear after the program has started loading. While this is loading double check to see if the router is powered on and all the connections are correct.



5. This screen should show up after the program has finished loading. In the name field type the name off the connection. In this example I just just used the name Example 1. But name the connection appropriately so that you will know what you have done with that connection in the future. The reason for saving the connection is that you can save different settings, these settings will be different for different types of connections to the router depending on what you want to do. You will see the different setting in the next screen. 

connection Description


6. In this example I am connecting to the router using Direct to Com2. Change this to to the Com2 port and then click OK. All the other options will no longer be available after selecting Com2. The other options are usually for connecting to a modem. Which may come into play when configuring some networks.

Connect To

 7. In this screen the user will configure the properties for the connection created. Set the Port Settings as shown below.

Com2 properties