Vector Linux Gslapt

Lesson 4 / Lesson 6

Vector Linux packaging system is similar to that of Slackware using tgz or .tlz packages. The Vector Linux packaging system is known as slapt-get in the terminal and Gslapt for graphical package management. As you may assume by the name slapt-get mimics the Debian packaging system apt-get by automating the download, catalog and installation process. Beginners and basic Vector Linux users are encouraged to use the graphical installation options offered by Gslapt while intermediate and advanced users will find slapt-get to be a powerful tool.


Gslapt makes it quite easy to manage packages on the Vector Linux desktop even for the most novice of users. Start Gslapt by selecting the Menu --- System --- Gslapt. You may need to enter you root password.

Gslapt in the menu

This is the interface for Slapt. You'll notice Update, Mark All Upgrades, and Execute icons at the top. Below this you can use the search field to find packages. The tabs below the package lsit show up when you select a package. You can seeeach packages general info, description, dependencies, and changlog here.

Gslapt interface

Update Gslapt

To update Vector Linux with Gslapt click on the update button in the top left corner. Make sure your internet connection is setup before updating.

update from Slapt

Gslapt Install

To install a package in Gslapt. Click on an empty checkbox next to a package you want to install.

Install package in Slapt

Now that the package is marked for installation you can select more packages or click on the Execute icon to begin installation process.

Execute package install

Uninstall packages in Slapt by clicking on the package and selecting Remove from the menu that pops up.

Uninstall or remove packages in Slapt