Vector Linux slapt-get

Lesson 5 / Lesson 7

The slapt-get command is the more advanced and powerful way to manage the Vector Linux packages. First open the terminal by clicking Accessories --- Root Terminal.

slapt-get terminal command



To update your system using slapt-get in the terminal just type in "slapt-get --update" and press enter.

slapt-get update



With the terminal window open type in "slapt-get --install tomboy" This will prompt Vector to install the Tomboy notes appication.

Slapt-get install


To remove a package type in "slapt-get --remove tomboy" and press enter.

Slapt-get remove

You'll need to confirm your request by typing "y" and then enter again.

slapt-get remove confirm

Other Useful slapt-get comamnds:

slapt-get --available List all the available packages from the source repository
slapt-get --installed List packages that you have already installed
slapt-get --search packagename Search listings for a package
slapt-get --clean Cleans out the temp directory.
slapt-get --show packagename Shows package description