gOS Rocket Backgrounds

By default gOS shows off a rich green background color that complements the Ibar and the rest of the desktop features quite nicely.

 gos rocket background

To change this background to another preset or to select your own background right click and select Configuration --- Wallpaper

 my settings in the gos rocket menu

 With the wallpaper settings window open we have many different options to select that will change the way our desktop is displayed. The first option is to choose if this is a Personal, System, or Theme Wallpaper. Selecting Use Theme Wallpaper will automaticall change to the background that matches the selected theme. This will be automatically displayed in the preview window as soon as it is selected. Below this we see a button to go back up a directory . Click on the picture button and you can locate a picture to use as your background, on your hard drive. Click gradient if you want to arrange a gradient of colors as your background iamge. On the left side are some available presets including different color variations of the defualt gOs Rocket background. Use the scrollbar to see the full list of backgrounds here.

wallpaper settings in gos rocket

 The Advanced button in the bottom right gives us another option to choose from. In advanced mode we can specify if these changes will effect all desktops, this desktop, or this screen.

I have selected the blue variation of the default gOs desktop background from the list on the left and selected OK.

blue background for gos rocket