Install Truetype Fonts
Desktop Training - Mandriva

One thing that can be frustrating when first installing Mandriva and many other popular Linux distributions is the lack of fonts installed by default. You'll notice some of your favorites such as Times New Roman, Arial, and many others are not available on many Linux systems out-of-the-box. While I won't go into the legal reasons why, follow this tutorial to install Truetype fonts on the Mandriva desktop.

Here's the OpenOffice Writer application's font selection without Truetype fonts installed.

OpenOffice without truetype fonts

To install Truetype fonts open Firefox, and click this link. Choose Open with Software Installer

Open msstcorefonts with Software Installer

Next you'll see the RPM Installation window, select Install.

RPM Installation

After waiting awhile you see this list of packages being installed, click Ok.

Packages Summary of Installation

If you see a message about the package having a bad signature you'll need to click Yes to continue.

Bad Signature


Here's the OpenOffice Writer application's font selection with Truetype fonts installed.

OpenOffice With truetype fonts


If you're still having trouble with the installing Truetype fonts on Mandriva, this video may help.