Changing Font Options
Desktop Training - Mandriva

Lets look at how to change some of the font options for the Mandriva desktop. This will allow you to change desktop, title bar and other commonly seen fonts areas.

First click on System --- Preferences --- Appearance.

Appearance in the Mandriva menu

With the Appearance Preferences window open click on the Fonts tab. The locations are shown on the left and the fonts and their sizes to the right. Click on the horizontal bars on the right across from the location you want to change.

Appearance Preferences window

Now you should see the the Pick A Font window where you can select the font's family, style, size, and see a preview at the bottom.

Pick a Mandriva Font

You can see the changes that I made have been applied to the window title bar of the Appearance Preferences window.

Result of Changing Title Bar to Italic

Here's a short video that shows how to change font options on the Mandriva desktop.