Change The Appearance

 Besides changing the background and theme, the gOs Rocket desktop has many different ways that you can change the look of things. Most of these changes are located iside the My Settings window under the Appearance category.

To get there left click on the desktop and click on Configuration -- My Settings in the main menu.

my settigns in the gos rocket menu

With the My Settings window open you will see categories on the left and category items on the right. Select Appearance, which is the top category on the left side. Now you will notice the appearance items are displayed on the right. You can make wallpaper and theme changes here but also changes to the gOS Rocket colors. Click on the Colors item and you can specify window manage, widget, and module colors. Selecting the Fonts item allows us to enable custom font classes and chnage the font and font size. Clicking on Borders brings a list of border options including variations of the top left button combinantion. Icon theme allows the selection of Tango, gOS and Gnome icon sets. The cursor settings available here include Enlightenment or X cursors and also by selecting the Advanced tab we can use a slider to control the cursors' size

 My settings window appearance category selected

Transitions provide a visual flare when you startup, change background or desktops. After clicking on the Transitions item select an event from the left side of the window. You should see a preview of the transition play on the right side of the window. to change the transition select a different transition from the list. The startup option allows you to change splash screens and other startup options.