Burn in gOS With Gnomebaker

If you want to burn CDs and DVDs on your gOS Rockey system i recommend using the pre-installed GnomeBaker because of it is so easy to use. Some of the standout features of Gnomebaker are it can create data CDs, blank RW disks, burn DVDs, copy data CDs, copy audio CDs, support multisession burning, and record to and burn from existing CD ISO images with GnomeBaker.

Left click on the desktop to bring up the menu and then select Applications --- Sound & Video  --- CD/DVD Writer GnomeBaker.

gnomebaker in gos rocket menu


When the main GnomeBaker window loads we can see it is divided into multiple sections. A menu appears across the top that includes File, Edit Project, Tools, Window and Help. Below the menu is a toolbar made up of icons representing New, Open, and Save. Below this we can see the folder we are currently looking in. Places are shown on the left side of the window and contents displayed and sorted by name or last date modified.

 After locating files you want to burn, select the type of CD/DVD you want to burn towards the bottom of the screen under Create a new project and follow the type speific steps to finish the project.

gnomebaker CD/DVD writer

 If we select Edit --- Preferences we can change the GnomeBaker options. These options are broken up into three folder, the first one General, lets us set the temporary directory, choose to clean the temporary directory on exit, notification of completed burn, and automaticall scroll the progress bar output.

 gnomebaker general preferences

This tab shows us a list of devices, we may also select Add device or Scan for devices to check for new devices. At the bottom a check box allows us to make sure GnomeBaker scans for new devices on startup.

gnomebaker device preferences

 Even more options are available under the advanced tab.