Using The LeafPad

The LeafPad is an extremely simple, small, lightweight typing and note taking program. For such a small program it carriers a decent amount of useful features and options that you may not know about.

 leafpad in gos menu

Whether you're using the LeafPad to copy and paste files in and out or collect notes, using shortcuts in LeafPad can greatly increase your efficiency. To create a new document select File --- New or Ctrl+N. Opening files can be done by selecting File --- Open or Ctrl+O. Save is File --- Save or Ctrl+S.

leafpad open


To search for a word select Search --- Find or Ctrl+F. You may also Find Next and Find previous in this menu. Or users can select Search --- Replace or Ctrl+H or Jump to which is Ctrl+J.

leafpad with writing

The Options link in the top menu allows us to change our font options by selecting Options --- Font. Inside the Font window we can choose font family, style, and size. A preview appears towards the bottom of the Font window. The next thing in the Options menu is to turn Word Wrap on and off. Word wrap means that when you're typing and you get to the edge of the page, LeafPad will automatically jump the next word down on the next line. With Word Wrap disabled you can continue to write in one big long line of text. The other two options are to turn line numbers on and auto indentation on and off.

The Help option on the menu contains on item which is the about link. here we find general information about LeafPad version  0.8.9  at the time of this article and a credits link. LeafPad is a very simple yet GTK+ based text creator and editor for the gOS Rocket Linux desktop.