Installing Amarok On gOS Rocket
Amarok provides a solution for users that want a place to connect their Ipod, build and manage a music library, newer versions even work with K3B, one of the top CD/DVD Burn/Rip applications.
To add Amarok to your gOS Rocket system simply select Applications --- Administration --- Synaptic package Manager. 
 finding synaptic in the gos menu
This brings up the package manager. select the search icon in the center of the screen.
search icon in center of synaptic
With the Find window up type in "amarok" and press the Search button.
find amarok
Now we can see Amarok the file under the package column. The Ubuntu logo appears to the left.
amarok found
After double clicking the Amarok file we need to confirm we want to mark this file for installation.

Now we see that both the Amarok file and the Amarok-zine file haved been marked, any required files will be marked for installation automatically.  Select the Apply button on the toolbar.
Click on Apply the following changes.

 apply changes

Wait for the Synaptic Package Manager to download the file.
Now we can see that the changeds have been applied. Meaning that Amarok has been automatically installed.
changes applied
If we look in the menu under Applications --- Sound & Video --- Amarok
amarok in the gos menu
We need to first complete the First-Run Wizard for Amarok. The first screen is a welcome message. Click Next. Or Skip to go right to Amarok.
welcome to amarok
The next screen allows us to specify the location of our audio files and music is stored at. You may find and select your location on the right side of the window.
select music folder
Now we can change our database setup .
database setup
And we see a Contratulations message confirming we have completed the First-Run Wizard for Amarok. Click Finish when you are ready to use Amarok.

Here is our first look at Amarok.
amarok first look

 A few features of Amarok.

Cover Art

I enjoy having things presented graphically but not if it doesn't work smoothly and with album art it rarely works smoothly. I usually hope to find an option to turn it off in the music managing program I'm using because of the inaccuracy etc. This is not the case with Amarok, I found that it efficiently gather cover art for me or let me use my own. No need to turn it off if it works right.

Lyric Support

This was nice because, like other features in Amarok, it worked pretty well. Although at first glimpse i assumed this feature would be very limited, it worked a lot better than i thought it would and i will continue to use it.

Integrated Wikipedia

Where do you go to look something up online? Wikiepedia. Where do you go to look something up about your favorite band? Now just open your Amarok music software. That's right Wikipedia in your Amarok window just a few clicks away. This gives you instant pictures, links, and text from the almighty information source, Wikipedia.

Full Context Browser

Another features i would normally shy away from due to it slowing me down. I found the Context Browser useful in some areas like just to check what similar music is out there and other collection expanding options.

Collection Statistics

Although this isn't the kind of stats I'll be planning my future around, i do know it was nice to see this displayed accurately, and have many categories or options to choose from.

Device Support

Many devices are supported by Amarok, My Ipod was a breeze, I went to Settings --- Configure Amarok ---Media Devices and then selected Apple Ipod. A few more devices that work are iRiver iFP and T players, Creative Zen and Nomad players, and generic USB and MTP players just to name a few.