Change to gOS Rocket Theme

By default the gOS Rocket system comes set up with nice rich green theme that seems to flow through the background, menu, widgets and applications very nicely. The theme can be easily changed, modified or you may import you own theme to use on your gOS Rocket system.

To change the theme left click on the gOS Rocket desktop and select Configure --- Theme.

 theme in gos menu

With the Theme Selector window open we can choose personal or system themes. Under system themes we see three themes available by default, bling, defualt and and gOS2. If we select one of these themes we can see a preview in the window to the right of the selection list. Click on Go up a Directory to go up one folder. You may click on the Import button to search for a theme on the hard drive.

 theme selector

 Clicking on the Advanced tab in the Theme Selector window offers many different options. Here you can view the Theme broken down into categories, you may click on assign, clear, and clear all.


A good place to start looking for themes if you're interested in browsing themes is Here you will find endless categories over Linux themes. Also if you open the Synaptic Package Manager you'll find quick easy access to a huge stockpile of themes and other modifications and applications.

 One variation that you may try right away is to change the background to "Cracked_Earth" and change the theme to "bling". This provides an animated background that matches the distinct menu changes and window appearance that accompanies the bling theme. Many prefer the bling menu look over the default gOs theme.

 new theme displayed