Install Mandriva
Desktop Training - Mandriva

First burn a Mandriva .ISO to a CD or DVD creating a live CD that you can run on your Windows machine without changing your windows files. After you've decided to install Mandriva you can follow these steps to walk through the installer.

From the Mandriva desktop you can select the desktop install icon or click on Applications --- Tools --- Live install in the menu.

Live  Install In Menu

The first screen you see will be the live CD wizard welcome message. Click Next.

Mandriva Installation Wizard

Now you can choose what hard drive and partition style you want. When finished click Next.

Mandriva Installation Partitions

The next screen promopts us to select a bootloader and boot device. You can also set a boot delay and enable ACPI in the Main Options area. click Next when you're finished.

Mandriva Installation Bootloader

Now we can see the boot menu entries, create, modify, move and remove existing ones. Click Finish when you're done.

Mandriva Boot Menu Entries


Now you'll see a message you need to restart.

Mandriva InstallationRestart

Again click Finish and then choose System --- Shutdown --- Restart and you'll be prompted to take out the live CD and press Enter. After it loads you'll options to choose your root password, create a user and other settings followed by the Mandriva desktop shown below.

Mandriva Installation Complete

This short video shows the installation process of the Mandriva GNOME live CD.