Using Shelves in gOS Linux

On the gOs desktop you can see groups of icons and widgets called shelves. By default, in the top left corner of the gOs desktop we can see the gOs emblem along with desktops to select and a group of icons that include About, My gOS, and Trash. This group of items is set up as shelf one.

 shelf in gos rocket linux

In the top right corner of the screen we can see the clock, the sound volumn control, and Exalt. These are all gadgets grouped together in shelf two.

 shelf 2 in gos rocket linux

 If you wish to configure the existing two shelves you can access them multiple ways. One way is to left click on the desktop and select Configuration --- Shelves.

 shelves in gos rocket menu 

When the Shelf Settings window open we see a selectable  list of configured shelves on the left. By default we can see shelf 1 and shelf 2. On the right we can click Add to add a new shelf, Delete to remove the selected shelf, of Configure to edit the selected shelf.

shelf settings in gos

After selecting configuration we can choose from 5 different layouts or create a custom layout for this shelf. Shelf configuration also allows us to specify the size of the shelf, we can pick from Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, and Huge. Click on Configure Contents to adjust what is included on this shelf.

shelf configuration

This brings up the Shelf Contents window which is split into two sections. on the left we can see Available Gadgets  and the right side shows Selected Gadgets. We can add gadgets from the available side to the selected side so they are included on this specific shelf. You can do this by selecting a gadget on the left and click the Add Gadget button below the Available Gadgets column. To remove a gadget from the shelf click on the Remove Gadget button that appears below the Selected Gadgets column.

 shelf contents

If we close the Shelf Contents window and open click on the Advanced button we see a much more customizable Shelf Configuration window. The first category of options is Stacking. Here we can choose to have this shelf appear Above Everything, Below Windows, Below Everything,  and Allow windows to overlap the shelf. The next section is the Layout section which provides nine different locations on the desktop you may place the shelf. Under Size we can Shrink to Content Size or use the slider to change size pixel by pixel. You can also assign style, set auto-hide and more desktop options.

 advanced shelf configuration