Podcasts With Rythmbox in gOS

Rhythmbox is an integrated music management application, originally inspired by Apple's iTunes and other main stream applications. Join me as we look at the specific features and advantages of this easy to use music management tool.

It is free software, designed to work well under the GNOME Desktop, and based on the powerful GStreamer media framework. In gOS Rocket main menu it is located under Applications -- Sound & Video --- Rhythmbox Music player

finding rhythmbox in the gOS menu

Once open we can identify a few different areas we will use in the Rhythmbox Music Player window. A menu bar appears across the top including categories Music, Edit, View, Control, and Help. Below this are icons to play, skip back, skip forward, repeat, shuffle, browse, and turn visualization on and off. All the way to the right is the volume control. A large slider displays the status of the current track. Below the slider to the left is the library which is made up of playlists, music, podcasts. and radio stations. The artist and album windows have a search field above them to aid you in locating files.

the rhythmbox music player

Selecting Edit --- Preferences brings us to the Music Player Preferences window which is made up of four tabs. The first tab, General, allows the adjustment of browser views, visible columns, and toolbar button labels.

rhythmbox preferences

The playback tab allows us to use a cross fading backend. We can also set crossfade duration, type and network buffer size

preferences playback

The Music tab allows the user to change the library location and the library structure including filename and folder hierarchy. Below the library structure options we can set out preferred file format which by default is set to OGG multimedia.

music preferences

The podcasts tab provides options for the download location and how frequently to check for podcast episodes.

podcast preferences

Here is a look at the default radio stations available in Rhythmbox Music Player.

podcasts with rhythmbox

Selecting Edit --- Plugins brings up this screen where we can enable or disable plugins for the gOS Rocket Rhythmbox system.

configure plugins