Ubuntu Training CD

The Ubuntu Training CD offers a direct approach to learning Ubuntu Linux, through Flash videos tutorials with voice narration. These instructor led video tutorials allow viewers to absorb the Ubuntu basics quickly and easily. Specifically designed for beginners and users migrating from another operating system, the Ubuntu Training CD is broken down into individual tasks beginners will likely perform while learning to use Ubuntu Linux. This CD includes help with the necessary Ubuntu system tasks like using the terminal, updating, adding, and removing packages, changing the appearance, hardware preferences, resolution, and more. Plus the CD provides training on applications included with Ubuntu such as GIMP, Fspot, Pidgin, Rhythmbox, Gedit, Transmission, Firefox 3.0 and more. As an added bonus this CD includes over 20 OpenOffice 3.0 Flash video tutorials.

The Ubuntu 9.10 Training CD is Ready to Go!
Over 150 Ubuntu Tutorials with Voice!

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You will need a web browser and the Flash plug-in to view the movies. You will also need speakers to hear the voiceover.