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Your preferences while browsing the web depend largely upon what tasks you perform while using the browser. If speed is a concern, give the lightweight Midori web browser a try. Named after the Japanese word for green, I've found the Midori web browser to be just that. Here's a few features of the Midori web browser:

  • GTK+ 2 Integration
  • Rendering with WebKit
  • Tabs, windows and session management
  • Flexibly configurable Web Search
  • User scripts and user styles support
  • Straightforward bookmark management
  • Customizable and extensible interface
  • Extension modules can be written in C


To install midori on Ubuntu/Debian-based distributions type the following command in the terminal

$ sudo apt-get install midori

Install Midori web browser


Midori is also available in most package managers under the network part of the menu. After Midori is installed it will become available in the desktop menu or can be launched from the terminal by typing:

$ midori

Midori command

The first time you open Midori it will show the help file, type in you're favorite URL in the location bar and you're browsing the web using Midori.

Midori web browser



Midori has extensions for colored tabs, shortcuts, rss feed panel, form history, mouse gestures, cookie management, and more.

Midori extensions


Bookmark the current page by pressing Ctrl+D on your keyboard or by selecting Bookmarks --- Add Bookmarks.

Midori bookmarks

Turn the Bookmarkbar on and off under View --- Toolbars --- Bookmarkbar

Midori Bookmarkbar


Change the web browser preferences under Edit --- Preferences.

Midori Edit Preferences

Here's a look at the Midori preferences window with General, Appearance, Behavior, Interface, Applications, Network, and Privacy tabs. You can use these options to customize Midori to your liking. Many options found here are surprisingly similar to popular web browsers you may have used.

Midori Edit Preferences Window


Midori may or may not be adequate used as your primary browser. Many users have come to depend on the large amount of plugins and add-ons available to browser like Firefox. In this case users can still find use in Midori as a lightweight browser for a faster 'surfing' experience. Give it a try next time you're just browsing.