Add Software Repository to Ubuntu
Desktop Training - Ubuntu

One of the clear advantages to using Ubuntu on your computer is the thousands of software programs and applications available to the user. These applications are stored in software archives called repositories. The standard software repositories are secure, dependable and make it easy for users to install new programs and applications via the internet. Repositories are separated into the following groups based on level of support and if the free software philosophy is followed.

  • Main: Officially supported software programs
  • Restricted: Software programs not of a completely free license.
  • Universe: Not officially supported but community maintained
  • Multiverse: non-free software
  • Medibuntu: Software programs not included for other reasons

You may want to install additional repositories so that you may access additional software archived there. In this Ubuntu video tutorial I will outline the steps needed to add an additional repository to your Ubuntu desktop.

Keep in mind that installing repositories from untrusted or untested sources can cause stability problems, inconsistencies or worse on your Ubuntu system.