Execute .run files on Ubuntu 10.04

If you've downloaded a .run file and want to use it without typing commands into the terminal you can do this by making the .run file executable.

After you've finished downloading your .run file, right click on the .run file and select properties.

Next click on the permissions tab and check the box next to Execute.

After closing that window you'll notice that you can now double click on the .run file. This will bring up another window with options to Run in Terminal, Display, Cancel and Run. Select Run in Terminal and you'll notice the terminal window pop up the file will be executed there.



You can also do this by issuing the chmod command from the terminal.  The chmod command can change file system modes, such as permissions, of files and directories. Although they may take a little more effort, in the long run you'll be glad to have learned a few Linux commands. If you're just starting out with Linux commands you may enjoy our Linux Commands Manual.