Using Fluxbox on Debian

So you want speed, or do you have an older computer that is under-powered? Debian Linux provides you the option, as do most Linux distributions, to use a lightweight desktop. The great thing about Debian Linux is that when you use a lightweight desktop you still have the ability to access and install over 28,000 applications!  Amazing, that is why Debian has 5 DVDs worth of programs.  Anyway, one lightweight desktop that I like for Debian is Fluxbox.\

Advantages of Using Fluxbox with Debian

The advantage of Fluxbox is that all of the "bling" is removed.  The "bling" in Gnome and KDE may look nice and may be interesting initially but in reality for me it gets in the way.  I realized this after running a Ubunut desktop for 2 years in which I never changed the background.  Why...I use that desktop to work and I just don't have the time, or interest, to see rotating slecreens on my screensaver or pictures of my dog on my desktop...I got to work...besides, I don't have a dog.

One misconception about Fluxbox is that you are limited in the programs you can run, not so...I can run any application that I want with all of the same features.  For example, here is OpenOffice, with the Microsoft extensions for the new versions of Office, and it runs perfectly in Fluxbox.  Your browser,  any graphical application runs with no problem, just select it from  the menu with a right click on the desktop.

Fluxbox on Debian Linux


How to Install Fluxbox on Debian

Ready to give it a try?

Open Synaptic Package Manager do a search for Fluxbox.

Select to install fluxbox, fbpager and fluxconf. 

Install all three and then log out.


Once you log out you will see a Session option at the bottom of the log in screen.  Select that option and choose Fluxbox and then log in.  You will be asked if you want to make Fluxbox the default, just say only for this session and then it is easy to return to Gnome if you want to.

Once you log in you will see the desktop is sparse ... but do not fear, right click and your entire menu will be available.  Select the program you want to run and the rest is history.