Mind Mapping Course Introduction
Desktop Apps Training - Mind Maps

This is a Mini-Course that focuses on the basics of the XMind mind mapping application. This is a Free course that is available to anyone.                                                                              
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Course Design
The Mind Mapping In Linux course has been designed to be a basic overview of Xmind and how to use it in different scenarios to increase productivity in your projects planning process. Xmind is a free, open source, applications available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. This Course is designed to allow a complete computer novice to use mind mapping for brainstorming and project planning without any cost at all. That's why we chose to use Ubuntu Linux as our operating system and the free software application, Xmind.

Course Difficulty
The course level is NEWBIE-FRIENDLY so anyone using the graphical interface on the desktop will find the information useful. XMind is covered one feature at a time with screenshots and review videos at the end so anyone should benefit from this XMind learning course.

Course Support
The course author, among others, will be available for questions in the Forum.

The quizzes are there to help you focus on the main features of the desktop  Caution: You will only be able to take a quiz one time and that score will be recorded.  So before you take the quiz be sure you understand all of the features that you will be tested on.  Click Here to take a Demo Test so that you can see how the questions will be formatted.

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Mind Map of Course Topics


This course has been designed for a wide audience featuring information about using the power of XMind mind mapping applciation to plan out your thoughts, tasks, and projects. This mind mapping course idea came about as I started representing my own ideas and work-related tasks visually through mind maps. General brainstorming, website planning and presentation, keyword targeting, and advertising stratagies are all things that mind mapping has allowed me boost the productivity of the time I use to plan a project giving me a clearer more powerful result. Because of the great results I've produced using mind maps, paying $150 for mind mapping software was no big deal. Once I moved to Linux I discovered I can use free mind mapping applications, many available for my Linux, Mac and Windows machines. I've found applications like Free Mind and XMind to be endlessly useful and I want to share these tips with you. This course will cover XMind and its basic features and uses.